Who we are

ScanZa is a registered organisation (Anno 2011) founded by one South African, Tony and two Danes, Ida and Cecilie. Today, ScanZa is still owned and operated by Cecilie, Ida and Tony.

For almost two decades we have organised volunteer work and internships in Cape Town. We love what we do and thrive on the great relationships with both our volunteers and students and the projects of Cape Town.

ScanZa exists because of a great passion for volunteering and the people of Cape Town.

Our background is diverse with experience in the social, health, medical and management field and we all have regular jobs – ScanZa is simply our passion.

We pride ourselves on always being updated on the vibe of Cape Town and our curiosity makes us take on any idea of stay that you as a volunteer or student should ask for. So, bring it on! We do have the knowledge, curiosity and passion for making it happen.

Tony Sickle, Cecilie Ejerskov Pedersen, Ida Gormsen
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