Volunteer Programme

You must be 18 years or older



It is expected that you are mature, enterprising, helpful and able to exercise a high degree of respect and dignity – the quality of the voluntary work is in most cases up to you. You must be open to new impressions and attitudes and prepared to work under conditions that you are not used to. It is also expected that you show interest in learning about South African society and culture. If you develop an understanding of South African society, it will give you a better background for understanding the problems that you might have to deal with through your volunteer work. Wherever you prefer to contribute your volunteer work, you will feel that your efforts are needed and wanted. But remember that it is entirely up to you to make your stay in South Africa a success!



You must be able to understand and express yourself in English.


Duration of stay 

We organise stays of minimum 4 weeks. The distribution of projects is on a “first come first served” basis, so the sooner you enrol the greater chance you have.



ScanZa programme price is 4000 DKK.
The price is divided into a
– Starting fee: 2000 DKK paid before the initial interview
– Final fee 2000 DKK paid before the Preparation Seminar

The price includes:
  • Initial interview; screening, practical information and choice of project
  • Guidance and assistance with visa procedures, vaccinations etc.
  • Preparation Seminar in Denmark. Note: It is compulsory to participate.
  • Airport pickup on arrival
  • Orientation in Cape Town and introduction to your project
  • Advice on renting accommodation in Cape Town
  • Assistance during you stay in Cape Town
Not Included:
  • The airfare to Cape Town
  • Insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Visa application fee to the South African Embassy at 430 DKK
  • Daily living expenses in Cape Town
  • Potential admin fee to the project (average of 260 DKK per month)

The following rules apply to cancellation: If cancellation after the initial meeting, no refund of the starting fee and if cancellation after the Preparation Seminar no refunds of the final fee will be made. 

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