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How long in advance should I apply?

ScanZa operates on “first come first served” basis. It is advised that you sign up at least 3 months before departure in order for you to attend the compulsory seminar and to have time to get all the visa papers in place.  It takes 3 weeks for the embassy to arrange your visa.

How do I apply?

After having been approved for an international internship by your international coordinator at your teaching institution, you send an email to either Ida or Cecilie with an English motivated application and a CV. That includes a description of what you have done until now and what your interests are. You must add a scan of your passport’s picture page and a criminal record in English. And also state the dates you intend to be in Cape Town.

After that, we’ll set up an interview with you, where we in cooperation with you match your education, your skills, experience and wishes with our projects. After that we take care of the application to the projects, signing of educational contracts etc. for you as well as helping you sort out all the documentation for the visa.

You’ll also be asked to sign an agreement with ScanZa in order for you to secure your stay.

Do I need my own insurance?

Yes, you do need a travel insurance. The projects will not have insurance for you except for if you are registered at one of the universities, which you will have to be if you are a medical-, physio og medical student

What would a stay cost me?

Approximately 14.000DKK before departure and approximately 5000DKK per month.


  • Airfare = approx. 6000 DKK,
  • Travel insurance. = approx. 3500 DKK,
  • Visa = 430 DKK,
  • ScanZa = 4000 DKK,
  • Vaccinations = approx. 1000 DKK,
  • Food in CT = approx.. 2000 DKK / month
  • Accommodation in CT = approx. 2000-3500 DKK / month sharing.
  • Potentially, a registration fee to a university/college or a project admin fee

Additionally, there will be expenses such as spending money and tourism travelling.

What is the length of my stay?

Generally, your stay can be just the length you want and we know, that it differs depending on your education. It depends, though, on the project you want to work at, as we only accept volunteers for 3 months or more at some of our projects. This we do because of the impact you have on the children.

Will there be other volunteers/students leaving the same time as me?

Yes, we always strive to send down groups at a time. You’ll meet the others at the seminar before departure.

How will I stay in Cape Town?

Upon your arrival to Cape Town you’ll be picked up and accommodated at a hostel for a few days, while we assist you to find your accommodation for your entire stay if it hasn’t been sorted it out yet. Most students arrange to share apartments living 2, 3 or 4 together, which usually is planned at the seminar. You choose your own apartment and sign the contract yourself. A lot of students are now choosing to use Airbnb.

Who will help me if I’m not happy with my internship?

If you have given your placement a fair chance and/or you experience that you cannot solve the problem, then contact your co-ordinator, Tony Sickle.

How many hours will I work a week?

It varies from place to place but generally, it is expected that you have a 30-35 hour workweek. This will be clearly defined at the beginning of your work period. You arrange this with your supervisor at the project.

How would a typical day look like?

This is very different from place to place. At the projects, you have free rein to come up with new ideas for activities. It is important that you can take the initiative – it makes your day much, much more exciting!

What does my placement expect of me?

That you are committed and motivated and that you can take the initiative in some activities. That you arrive to work on time and attend work regularly. That you inform them in advance if you plan a vacation – they are mostly dependent on your labour; remember that!

Will there be time to travel and explore South Africa?

Yes, there will be! You arrange your holiday with your employer/project – just like any other workplace. Generally, the organisations have a good understanding of you wanting to experience South Africa and her neighbours. Of course, you’ll have to arrange this according to how well you are achieving your goals for your internship. We suggest that you budget approximately 10.000 DKK for a real meaningful ZA tour. We suggest www.ajtouring.com for tours.

Should my family apply for a visa if they want to visit me while I’m in Cape Town?

No, that’s not necessary. Upon arrival to Cape Town, they will get a tourist visa (a maximum of three months stay) stamped in their passport. This is entirely free.

How many volunteers does ScanZa send at a time?

Usually, we are sending 10-35 at the time. Since 2011 we’ve facilitated stays for around 700 volunteers and students.

What should I do if I get sick?

Then you should seek a private practitioner – just as you would at home. You should be aware that you are paying by either cash or VISA card after a medical consultation in South Africa. You should save receipts so you can recover your medical expenses by your insurance company. If you become ill and be hospitalized, you will be admitted to a private hospital. Should you require assistance with which hospitals to use, contact Tony who will advise you.

Calling from Scandinavia to South Africa?

Landline: 00-27-21 + local number: Mobile: 00 -27 + mobile number (if this starts with a 0, you must remove this! – 0 is only used locally in South Africa).

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