We know, it’s a big decision to change your educational environment and be ready for new challenges far away from family and friends.

We want to assure you, that we’ll do our utmost to make that the best decision you’ve ever made! Cape Town has such a diverse culture, and you get a chance to experience it all, no matter which institution you chose. Through the years, we have built up a great reputation and a fruitful relationship with a number of great institutions. Projects where you’ll get experience in working with really vulnerable people ranging from babies to adults or in hospitals where you’ll experience a varity of diseases with greater severity grade than back home.

Unfortunately the legacy of apartheid is still present and the extent of poverty, abuse, domestic violence, malnutrition, illiteracy etc. is huge. So also offering your extra hands to our cooperating institutions really makes a huge difference for both the clients and the staff.

Through an initial interview with you, we’ll find the perfect matching institution for you depending on your study, interests and both life- and professional experience.

You’ll be challenged on your professional approach with respect of your level of education, and you’ll get a unique opportunity to further developing your skills under the supervision of highly qualified local people. In addition to that, we offer you help and guidance when needed through Tony, who is a true Capetonian.

Cultural understanding is of great importance to us, and that’s why part of our service includes a compulsory weekend seminar before you leave for Cape Town with attendance of the four of us. We’ll give you lots of in-depth information about your project and the history and culture of South Africa. Previous student-volunteers will attend as well to share their best tips.


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