Frivilligt arbejde i Sydafrika

ScanZa (Scandinavia/South Africa) is an international organisation that enables both young and older Scandinavians to do volunteer work and internships in Cape Town, South Africa. We seek to make a difference and to add value to the local communities as well as in the lives of the volunteers and students seeking new and exciting experiences and challenges. We facilitate a workplace and assist you with travelling to South Africa, your stay and advise you on safe travelling in South Africa as well. Through our extended network of projects in Cape Town serving the poor, underprivileged, abused and sick, we will advise you of the possible project which suits you best.


Cecilie, Ida and Tony – ScanZa

  “Volunteering is giving Time, Patience, Teaching, Leading, Guiding, Selflessness and Learning without being rewarded financially for it.”



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